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"Nothing is more humiliating for a man
than hearing from a woman that his penis is too small!"

"At the age of 16 I had my first sexual encounter with my girlfriend in that time. When she noticed the size of my penis, she suddenly put her clothes back on and just left the room fuming with anger. I was so embarassed and ashamed of myself that I just wanted to die! The time passed and everything on me was starting to get bigger except what I've mostly wanted to grow...At 22 another tragic experience happened again. I heard from another woman, right at my face in good and clear words that my penis was way too small! I'm a very handsome guy and I've never had any problems in dating beautiful girls, but for several years I'm living in a private hell and emotional crisis that makes me incapable of connecting with another woman in a sexual way. Today my self esteem and security are long gone! My Charms and charisma alone won't satisfy sexually the girls I've met. Because I know they need and crave for more!"
JD, from Michigan

The example above is one of the several true experiences that many men have to endure during their lives. Some had horrible memories of having to make up excuses to avoid showers among their friends on the Gym restrooms and other countless shameful events. When a man has being made fun due to their small penis size, the psychologic damage to their self-esteem is immense. Of course, there are also other untold stories. The worst common one is when their lovers comment about their lack of penis size or when comparations with their former lovers arise.

Many men have thought that this kind of problem would never be resolved. Some would undergo the risks of painful and costly penis enlargement surgeries or even unproved methods, as a last resort to fully satisfy their partners.

Have you ever faced this problem too?

Want to solve it once and for all?

So you came to the right place!

We proudly offer you The Megasizer Penis Extender. A medically proven penis enlarger device that will provide a bigger and longer penis that could guarantee a dramatically increase in your partner sexual desire!

We all know that it's not just the size of your gun, but it's also how you use it. You can have great sex with an average sized penis. However, if you're blowing your partner away with what you have now, imagine what you can do with an even bigger piece. A bigger penis opens up more options for you sexually. Using a Mega sized penis, you can provide deeper, more satisfying fulfillment from a wider variety of positions. More variety, keeps your sex life more interesting, and keeps your partner more interested in you.

And with the BIG SIZED GUYS in mind, we developed our MEGASIZER DELUXE where you'll have a wider range of penis sizes to accomodate. From a minimum penis size measuring only 3.5 " to a maximum amazing 14", this extender will fit in virtually any individual.

In addition we also developed our new MEGASIZER PRO with an even more comfortable silicone strap support.

Check below the differences between our four brand models.

penis size before and after
permanent penis enlargement correct impotence peyronie's disease cure


Megasizer Extender Slider: $129.95

Introducing the slider penis extender. Lengthen your penis up to 12 inches!! Increase girth up to 30%! Natural, permanent and 100% safe and effective. This is a one of a kind design that features no spring loaded rods, just easy, seamless length adjustment bolts, for the easiest possible stretch. Very user friendly. It comes with:

  • Solid, ornate brass construction.
  • Medical-grade plastic O base and top.
  • 2 Cushioned medical-grade silicone hoses.
  • Seamless length adjustment with the two adjustable Nuts. Go as long as want, extension rods can be added to make you 12 inches if that's your goal! The base length of the device allows up to 10".
  • The device works very similarly to the spring loaded size doctor extender, only the slider has oversized brass rods that the plastic top which binds to the base of the glans can slide up and down on for easy length adjustment, therefore pressure application. A pair of brass bolts that are easy to grasp reinforce the stretch that you decide is best suited to you, whether it be mild or aggressive gaining you aim to achieve.





Megasizer Extender Starter: $149.95

This is our spring-loaded rods device. It comes with:

  • 100% medical grade stainless steel and silicone components.
  • Standard & additional elongation rods of varying sizes for most accurate custom fitting. 4 sets in total.
  • 2 silicone hoses with memory foam cushion.
  • Easy to use quick-start instructional guide with full-sized images to get you started immediately.
  • Velvet Traveling pouch
  • Instructional DVD

Megasizer Extender Starter - extends up to 12 inches (measurements from base to glans area, add 1 or more inch for the penis head). Please note you should measure at least 3.5 inches on ERECT state to use this device.





Megasizer EXTENDER Deluxe: $169.95

This is our spring-loaded rods device. It comes with:

  • 100% medical grade stainless steel and silicone components.
  • Standard & additional elongation rods of varying sizes for most accurate custom fitting. 4 sets in total.
  • 1 silicone hose + 1 Silicon Strap.
  • Easy to use quick-start instructional guide CD .

Megasizer Extender Deluxe - extends up to 14 inches (measurements from base to glans area, add 1 or more inch for the penis head). Please note you should measure at least 3.5 inches on ERECT state to use this device.





Megasizer Extender Pro : $199.95

Although spring-loaded devices are more complicated to use and cost more, if you'd like to have assurance on how much pressure you're applying, we've released a new extender called MEGASIZER PRO. It extends up to 18 inches!! Comes with a storage box, 4 sets of extension rods AND 2 silicon straps. That's the minimum price possible for a package like that! Save now! Please note you should measure at least 2.5 inches in a ERECT state to use this device.



Just released ! Now with spring loaded system
and extending from 2.5" up to an amazing 18" !!

With a newly developed silicon strapping system design!!!

Instructions of Use:

1. Mount the penis extender using the several extension rods supplied to match your penis size when erect.

2. Insert your non-erect penis through the plastic ring, pull out the penis and put the glans on the concave surface of the plastic support.

3. Then adjust the comfortable silicon strap around the glans area not too tight to allow blood circulation.Then secure the strap in the back of the support (it  is secured just like a trousers belt).Do not forget to pull the prepuce skin towards your body to avoid pinching of the frenulum.

4. Rotate the two adjusting knobs to adjust the traction. For the initial 2-3 weeks, use it no more than 4-5 hours per day, with mild tension. Three weeks later, the traction can be increased gradually . 6-12 hours treatment a day is advisable for faster gains.

5. For the first 2-3 weeks, the device should be taken off to relax the penis tissues for a few minutes; in the following phase, every 1-1/2 hours you should take a rest and massage the penis gently.

6. After using it, take off the device and restore it into the box after cleaning and disinfecting

OUT NOW....MEGASIZER SLIDER EXTENDER...For those who prefer the non spring loaded systems

Below is an exact depiction of the slider. Notice the lengthy brass rods and the nuts that easily and seamlessly hold pressure at any length, extendable up to 10" but may be outfitted to support up to an astounding 12"er!

  1. Slider brass extender rod. Designed for easy adjustment, part #4 simply slides up and down for length adjustment.
  2. Slider extension fitting. Larger extension can be added till your goal is reached.
  3. High-grade plastic fitted basal ring. The penis slides through and it rest against the pubic bone.
  4. High-grade plastic top fitting. Rests beneath the penis, just below the glans (head), where it is bound.
  5. High-grade silicone band, foam coated for maximum comfort. Binds the penis, just beneath the glans, at its base.

Our Megasizer Penis Extender Device can be worn under your boxers, even under loose pants. The total number of hours the device is worn, determines the result of the treatment. With only a few ounces, our stretcher is light, flexible and it fits smoothly against the inside of your thigh. No one would ever suspect that you are wearing it behind your clothes! It's small enough to be held in the palm of your hand, and involves no medical risk if used properly.

We guarantee that you'll have a bigger penis as soon as 90 days and your Penis will also become thicker, because the blood vessels are stretched with the penis, therefore allowing more blood into the erected state. Problems with Impotence can be greatly reduced with firmer erections due to a grown cellular activity and blood circulation.

The positive tension created by wearing the Megasizer may feel unusual at first. After several sessions you should be able to increase tension and be on your way to a longer and thicker penis. Megasizer Penis Extender will also remediate those who suffer from a curved penis , also known as Peyronie's Disease . The applied constant traction will gradually reduce the angle of the curvature, allowing you to feel more confident and happy with the appearance of your new member. Remember the key to penile growth is a gradual tension over an extended period of time. It's very important that you continue the treatment with Megasizer for months, so the results can be satisfactory and permanent .

Our studies showed an average of 24 percent increase in penis lengthening after a 2-3 month test period.

Over the course of several weeks, your penis will experience greater and longer lasting erections and a noticeable increase in length and thickness due to the continual stretching stimulation of the tissue cells.

After one month, many of our customers have grown in length by up to 1 full inch and will possess much more thickness in both the erect and flaccid state. After the second and third month, your penis will have taken on a new body, not just longer and thicker, but much harder while erect and healthier overall. Our promise in nothing more than a REAL natural penis enlargement! No need of stressful surgeries or the brief illusions of a bigger penis when using the vacuum pumps or other devices with non-permanent results.

For detailed instructions on how to use the device please Click Here


What results can I expect?
No matter what size your penis is when you begin, you will see your penis size increase from 1 to 2 inches. Many of our members report gains of much more! Read our Testimonials on the other section and see what others have to say about our Stretcher. In a short period of time, you'll see amazing results. Your penis will be much thicker, larger, and healthier. Blood circulation improves, allowing for greater sensitivity and pleasure. Your erection will become much harder and last longer than normal. You can use our calculator to estimate your new size.

Is this procedure painful?
No. You may feel a little sore the first few times due to the stretching. After a few days, it will feel natural. It is normal to feel a mild discomfort after a period of 2 hours. Do not worry, this is the indication that the tissues need to be relaxed. Take out the device, massage the glans and shaft for a period of a couple of minutes, take a break of 30 minutes and then wear the device again.

Is there anything I can do to minimize the discomfort from the silicon hose around my glans?
Yes. You should use our new Memory Foam Padding set found on our Spare parts section HERE wrapped around the head of your penis (glans area). Do not use the extender more than four hours(divided in several shorter sessions) per day in the beginning , when you get used to it you can wear it even 6 hours a day but remember to take 30 minutes to 1 hour breaks in between sessions...If you notice little white or transparent bags around your glans, do not worry. This is quite normal. Theses are areas of edema or fluid retention, owing to the loop being too tight. Just massage the area and they will disappear within minutes. If irritation of the skin, glans or base of the penis occurs you can apply ointments like Neosporin and Cortaid when you're not using the device.

The silicon hose keeps slipping out from the top plastic piece.
You can apply a knot on the silicon hose after you pass both ends through the plastic top piece's orifices. After the knot you can place the remaining ends on the crack as previously. That will avoid the slipping off problem.

Is the growth Permanent?
Yes, growth is 100% permanent if you follow our instructions for discontinuing the use of our device.

How does the girth increase?

Like a balloon muscle tissue expands in all directions when stretched. Due to the general tissue expansion, the gains are noted in both erect and flacid states.

What’s the maximum size that can be attained?

Increase in penis length and/or girth depends on the current size as well as usage. Our studies indicate an average increase of 0.33 inches per existing inch. For example; if your current erect size is 6 inches, you will attain a maximum increase of approximately 2 inches totaling 8 inches.

Do I have to wear the Megasizer daily?
No, you can wear it as you please. Although the results depend on the total amount of hours worn.

Does the Extender help in case of a curved penis?
Yes! Megasizer has been proved efficient in straightening the penis and helping those who suffer from Peyronie's Disease. In those cases the device should be worn towards the opposite side of the curvature. A period of use of 6-8 months is recommended to correct 70% of the curvature.The increase of the penis will be inferior since the lengthening occurs on the small curvature of the penis at first.

Do I have to be a certain age for your program to work?

You are never too old or too young to have a larger, thicker penis. From age 18 to 80, our breakthrough device will work for you. Men in their 60's have reported astounding gains using the Megasizer. Note: We will not sell to minors under the age of 18.


IMPORTANT: The use of medication for stimulating hair growth and medications to treat depression, sleeping pills and other tranquilizers have been proved to significantly diminish the effectiveness of the Extender.


Is the shipping discreet?

We value your privacy. We ship the product in discreet packaging with no indication of any penis
extender device inside

Are there any precautions for using the Extender Device?
Megasizer Penis Extender should not be used:
· During physiological activities of defecation and micturition, sporting activities, sexual intercourse or any potentially dangerous or strenuous physical activity.
· After consumption of alcohol or ingestion of painkillers or euphoriants.
· During activities in areas where the potential risk of falling exists; the user should take extreme care when climbing stairs, walking on slippery surfaces etc.
· If, during use, pain or pallor or discoloration of the glans of the penis is experienced, the use of the device should be immediately discontinued.
· In the presence of trauma, pain, skin lacerations or infected areas in or on the penis, Megasizer should not be used until complete resolution of the lesions has been achieved.
· In chronic diseases that could impair blood circulation, oxygenation and regeneration of tissues (advanced diabetes, cirrhosis, respiratory insufficiency etc.).

Will wearing the Megasizer cause any side effects?
By following the instructions and not abusing the product, you will not have any problem. The biggest mistake people make is they want to speed the enlargement process and force the stretching greater than their penis can handle. Take your time, follow the instructions, listen to your body, and you will have no issues. If you experience a blueish discoloration or numbness of the glans, remove the device and massage the penis. The penis will return to its normal color and the unpleasant sensation will disappear. Try to loose the silicon loop a little bit.

Is there anything that I can do to speed up my gains?
Yes, there are some recommended products like the Sinrex Male enhancement Pills and the revolutionary Bathmate water based penis pump. Those products are all endorsed by our staff as being effective and will maximize your gains, and if used along our Extenders will cut the time of the treatment in almost half!

May I still order it without a credit card?

Yes, you can still order Megasizer without Credit Card by Money Order.
Please don't forget to add shipping & handling to your purchase.
Just send a money order to:

Megasizer Inc.
5062 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 3020
North Hollywood, CA 91601 USA



Bruce / 54 Years Old /
I would like to thank you for your excellent site for male enhancement. I have been on the stretcher for almost a year, and since day one, has been working towards my target. I'm so glad of your site and right now, as you could see, Mr Penis is somewhat over 8" erect, and over 7" in girth. I'm really excited about my sexual potential. My investment definitely paid off well, and I owe everything to you! Thanks again.

Justin / 26 Years Old /
Big J is what everyone calls me because I'm 6'3" and weigh 240lbs, but I only felt like I play the part after using your product.

Sandra / 30 years old /
I ordered the product six weeks ago for my husband. He has been using it about 10 hours a day and last week we measured it and to his and my amazement, he had already gained almost 2 inches. I was happy with his old size, but I must admit I am more happy now…

Carlos / 32 Years Old /
I am sure you will like this! In 21 days that I have had the device, I have only been able to wear it 74.5 hours. There is a DRASTIC size difference. In flaccid state, there has been an increase of 5.5 - 6.0 cm which does not diminish. there has been an increase in girth. This does not go away and is not swelling. I am keeping very detailed records on an a spread sheet, with daily notes. I started using the Extender on Sept. 26/2003.

My before and after

Before: length flaccid (un-stretched) on Sept. 26/2003: 6 cm

After: length flaccid (un-stretched) on : April 1st, 2003 10.5 cm Thanks guys!

Sarah / 25 Years Old
When my husband asked me what I thought of his penis I told him it was a good size, I was afraid to tell him that I liked it bigger, one of his friends was telling him that when girls say it's a good size, that means it's too small. He ordered your product and used it for months, because he had a home business I never see him using it. But when I started noticing size difference, I asked him and he showed me the box and confessed. I noticed the companies name on the box, I thought I drop you a line and thank you myself. Our sex life was starting to die until I noticed the significant size increase, a little over 2 inches in length alone and some girth in a year time, I just love a big d**k and he noticed. Thanks again.



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